Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately, we don’t sell our boots directly to consumers. Please use our store locator to find a NexGrip retailer near you. 

Nearly all our boots are fitted with cleats and our NexGrip technology. Only three models are not:

  • The Rock
  • The Combat
  • The Barkoff

We understand that the cleats may wear down due to everyday use during the winter. Replacement cleats are available for purchase at retailers that carry NexGrip boots. Simply tell them your boot model and they will order your new cleats.

We’re sorry to hear there’s a problem with your NexGrip boots. The best course of action is to contact the retailer where you bought the boots and tell them about your situation. Our retailers are experienced with our products, have access to spare parts and are in charge of handling any warranty claims. They will help find the best solution to your problem.

We offer a 6-month warranty against manufacturing defects. Please contact your retailer regarding any warranty claims.

Our retractable cleat system is very easy to use. Using one finger, pull on the end of the cleat located at the heel to open it. To close it, simply do the opposite. 

Our collection of boots caters to all needs. Our temperature ratings range from -35 to -55 degrees Celsius. Some models are therefore better suited for playing outside or spending long periods outdoors. Our stylish boots come with two types of insoles to keep your feet at the right temperature, indoors and outdoors.