NEXGRIP’s unique patented technology

NEXGRIP non-slip technology

NEXGRIP is a family-owned Quebec business that creates spike boots fitted with a patented cleat system at the heel and non-slip technology at the front allowing you to jump feet first into our Canadian winters. NEXGRIP boots are crafted using a combination of technologies forming an exclusive patented concept.

Our system was engineered to create the very best boots for braving Quebecs mishmash of blistery wintry conditions, including freezing rain, snow and sub-zero temperatures.

Rear retractable cleat

Our boots are fitted with the NEXGRIP cleat system at the heel, allowing you to easily adjust your footwear to winter’s unpredictable and ever-changing weather.

Easy-to-use built-in cleat system

It’s as simple as opening and closing the NEXGRIP cleat system. All you need is a finger! And don’t worry, we’ve designed the outsole so that rocks and debris don’t get stuck in the spaces and stop you from closing the cleat.

Non-slip outsole in the front

The front end of the outsole features non-slip rubber providing added traction on slippery surfaces.

Inspired by winter tire designs, the outsole’s deep grooves stop snow from sticking to the bottom of the boot and weakening the grip.

An innovative concept giving rise to the best spike boots

Building on an innovative concept and a patented outsole featuring a unique built-in grip system that cannot be replicated on the market, NEXGRIP has succeeded in creating the very best spike boots. Our cleat system paired with our non-slip technology allows you to feel steady on your feet, for a safer winter, no matter the conditions!

Experience sure footing and added safety on snow and ice!

Sturdy and reliable winter boots

NEXGRIP takes the fear out of winter, allowing Quebeckers to enjoy the cold season to the fullest! Our cleated boots are designed to keep your feet warm and dry. Also, they’re fitted with a unique easy-to-use cleat system and a non-slip outsole. The materials have been carefully selected for their thermal properties and superior level of comfort:

Durability and performance you can count on, no matter the weather.