NEXGRIP was born from a desire to create winter boots that combine elegance, safety and warmth to face winter with style and confidence.

Quebec manufacturer of winter boots offering unmatched comfort

NEXGRIP is a Montreal-based family business that was founded by Alain Knapp, a bona fide shoe lover who has been in the industry for over 35 years. This visionary thinker is always on the lookout for the latest technologies to offer his customers leading-edge products. His passion and curiosity have led him to develop a patent consisting of an outsole engineered with non-slip material and fitted with a built-in cleat system.

After witnessing his spouse take a few nasty falls while wearing little booties, Alain decided to take his idea one step further by designing a collection of in-&-out boots that cater to people who want a stylish look as well as high traction.

NEXGRIP offers a range of high-end models that stand apart by their fashionable design and high-performance characteristics that keep your feet warm and allow you to take on whatever winter throws at you. At last there’s a lighter, stylish and more comfortable alternative to traditional winter boots!

Safer winters for Quebeckers

Weather can be very unpredictable—especially in the winter.

We all know what it’s like to slip on an unexpected icy patch or to step into a raging snowstorm after dining out or a long day at the office. And we’ve all seen someone suddenly break into a dangerous Ice Capade dance trying to avoid a fall.

To all the parents carrying their kids to the car, to the men and women tiptoeing their way down an icy entrance with their arms full of groceries, and to all the people who hurt themselves in slip-and-fall accidents every year, NEXGRIP is for you!

Thanks to our retractable cleat winter boots, the snowy season has suddenly become a little bit safer and more comfortable for us all. 

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When customers step into our boots, they’re pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they are! They’re also very impressed by the superior traction of our uniquely designed outsole and the effectiveness of our retractable cleat system that sets up with just one finger.

Another highly appreciated feature is the boots’ stylish lightweight design!

Add our fashionable winter boots to your product selection. Your customers will thank you!

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