Can I buy your products directly from your website?

Sadly, we do not sell directly to consumers. We encourage you to find a local or online retailer by visiting https://www.nexgrip.com/store-locator.

Do all your models come with cleats?

Pretty much all our models are equipped with the Nexgrip Technology. The only boots that do not come with cleats are The Rock, The Combat and The Barkoff.

I have a problem with my boots! What to do?

We are sorry to hear about your problem with our boots. The best course of action is to go and see the retailer from which you bought the boots. They have access to parts if needed, they have experience with our products so they are able to offer good tips and they are the ones to assess the warranty situations.

What is your warranty?

We offer a 6 month warranty on manufacturing defects. For any claim, you need to go through your retailer.

I love wearing your boots everyday and my cleats have worn.

We figured this could eventually happen so it is possible to get new cleats from your favorite NexGrip retailer. They will need the name of the model to place the order.